Monday, November 2, 2015

Decorating  staircases with stripes is a creative way to update your interior design, balance staircase style visually altering its proportions or develop optical illusions that make these modest spaces much more exciting and unique. Stripes are great decoration patterns that drastically modify staircase style and look universally attractive.

Painting stripes is a exciting project that adds character to any staircase style. Painting stripes is a low-cost notion to update your boring plain wooden stairs with no having to spend lots of money on its redesign. Here are some elegant and basic, or bold and extravagant approaches to give a new appear to your staircase design.

Painted stripes create a dramatic effect. Colorful stripes or stripes in monochromatic  colors are best for making a dynamic statement. Even a single stripe along the staircase appears bold and dramatic. Various colors add much more interest to a staircase style. Different stripes lengths and widths are an easy way to create a totally striking appear and add a fantastic centerpiece to interior design and style. The possibilities and painting suggestions are limitless.

Striped staircase design and style concepts

colorful stripes painted on stairs

Rainbow colorful stripes painted or designed with tape on wooden stairs risers and steps

Choose paint colors that match your interior design and style colour palette and function with staircase design proportions, emphasizing your residence decor style and theme. You can produce colorful and youthful staircase design and style with your preferred colors, or go basic and stylish with minimalist decorating design and style in neutral colors and a bold accent. Giving your staircase stripes performs like providing it a new identity.

Wooden stairs look fantastic with modern wallpaper and stencils also. Stencils along a stair pitch line, on stairs risers and measures are a new and fresh strategy to personalizing your staircase design. Timeless and sophisticated stripes can be developed with wallpaper, stencils or painted and combined with simple stencils, graphic and geometric styles in matching colors.

black wooden stairs steps and colorful risers

Black stairs measures and colorful risers generate horizontal stripes on staircases

Painting stripes are great for adjusting staircase design and style proportions and producing beautiful optical illusions. Beauty and function are blended when you decorate your stairs with stripes.

Staircase painting suggestions transforming boring wooden stairs with cool styles

Adding lovely wallpapers to stairs risers and methods for original staircase styles

Investing in good top quality interior paint that is designed for stairs or utilizing outside paint offers you the outcome that you want painting your staircase for fresh, stylish and interesting look.

white stairs with blue stripes

Blue stripes on white stairs

blue pink and red stripes painted on white staircase colorful staircase design wooden stairs with stripes in blue colors whote wooden stairs with yellow and blue stripes wooden stairs painted white and blue colors white and blue stripes on wooden stairs blue and pink stripes painted on white wooden stairs wooden stairs painted half white wide green stripe painted on wooden stairs steps and risers pink stairs risers and white steps create stripes on staircase design

yellow and white wooden stairs with numbers

yellow and white wooden stairs with numbers

colorful painting ideas for staircases

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