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The SecO clothes dryer is an appealing residence appliance that is created by Jack McCulloch to bridge the gap among massive tumble dryers and drying racks or clothes lines. This clother dyer appears like a contemporary coat rack, blending the modern simplicity, new technologies, space saving style and desirable look.

The clothes dryer uses extended wave infrared ceramic heaters with radiant directional wavelengths that oscillate water molecules, making them evaporate so that clothing are dry and wrinkle free of charge in minutes. Ideal for tiny residences and small apartments, this space saving clothing dryer design folds down and can very easily be stored under a bed or in a closet.

The base unit contains a low energy, practically silent fan which draws the moist air down through holes in the aluminum tube and via a dehumidifying container in the base. The container holds self-indicating colour changing desiccant silica beads which dehumidifies the air. As the beads grow to be saturated their colour changes, and the user is aware they soon need to have recharging. When completely saturated, the beads can be recharged by placing in a microwave.

Modern infrared area heaters for lovely properties

Sauna with infrared heater, contemporary addition to modern bathroom design

Flip down window blinds, space saving laundry space concepts

eco friendly products and laundry room ideas

Infrared clothes dryer, eco friendly merchandise and laundry room suggestions for modern day properties

SecO will communicate the state of drying to the user. When the garments dryer is switched on, frosted LED backlit panels illuminate. Sensors figure out the humidity of the quick surrounding area.

As the garments get dryer, the humidity decreases and this is visually represented by the LEDs becoming dimmer. The user can figure out the clothes are getting dryer without having obtaining to touch them.

clothes dryer with infrared heaters

Clothes dryer with infrared heaters

space saving clothes dryer

Green technology and space saving tips for modern homes

Far infrared ceramic technology only uses low watt ceramic heaters. The other electronic elements also only use a extremely low quantity of power. This outcomes in extraordinary low running charges of 5p an hour with an average running time, to dry 6kg of washing, of 4 hours.

Decorating laundry space in eco style

Washing clothes whilst exercising with Hula washer, energy saving green thought

This is respectively the very best and least expensive way to dry clothes. The infrared dryers will not damage fabrics. They have no carbon emissions, offering modern, appealing and eco friendly goods for modern day residences.

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