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Modern day interior design trends and decorating ideas from Maison & Object reflect news of the coming year and demonstrate fresh design and decor that have the possible of becoming well-liked in the season ahead. Maison & Object showed basic and sophisticated lines, eco friendly merchandise, stylish area colors and interesting organic types in fall 2012, setting contemporary interior style trends and decorating ideas for 2013.

Modern day interior design and decorating ideas for  2013 blend fine objects in minimalist style with bold accents, adding the excitement of the pop art style to romantic and exclusive vintage furniture and decor accessories. Ethnic interior style and decorating ideas will be common in 2013, bringing original decoration patterns and traditional color combinations into contemporary properties in 2013.

Interior design in eco style is one particular of modern trends, and decorating concepts bring fashionable eco friendly products, furnishings and decor accessories, lighting fixtures and finishes produced of all-natural supplies. Recycling and using raw materials for house decorating are sturdy trends for 2013.

Modern day interior design trends and decorating suggestions 2013

modern room colors, decoration patterns and decorative fabrics

Modern day space colors, decoration patterns and decorative fabrics

Modern day interior design and style and decorating with raw components give rooms a contemporary, elegantly rustic and relaxing really feel. Recycling allows to reuse and recycle in a fresh, inventive and unexpected way and add character and a personal touch to modern interior design and style and decor.

Wood pallets and wooden storage boxes can be turned into modern day shelving units. Metal containers transform into original lighting fixtures. All-natural fabric pieces turn out to be stylish lamp shades, creating fascinating, intimate and inviting contemporary interiors.

modern home decor accessories

Modern day home decor accessories created of natural components, neutral color palette, decorating with glass, wood and metal

Modern day interior design trends and decorating suggestions 2013 are influenced by organic design and style of 50s. Scandinavian style and Nordic design concepts, blended with retro decor influence contemporary furnishings style, light property decorating and breezy architectural interiors that modern designers create in 2013.

Best five contemporary interior design trends 2013 with staying power

Top six contemporary interior design and style trends 2013, interconnection and organic style

Most recent trends in decoration patterns, contemporary interior trends in decorative fabrics

Home furnishings in classic style grow to be lighter also. Wood furniture and decor accessories are created in light colors and function soft and basic lines. Decorative pillows and lamp shade become lighter and much more elegant.

modern room colors and lighting fixtures

Bold colour accents and modern lighting fixtures inspired by 50s property decorating

Modern interior design trends and decorating concepts appear optimistic, bringing playful shapes and cheerful room colors into residences in 2013. Toy-like design ideas, modular furnishings and bold area colors fill rooms with youthful mood. Graphic prints and geometric decoration patterns boost the impact, generating dynamic and energizing modern interior design and style and decor.

Contemporary color trends 2013 for interior style and decor from Pantone colour style group

Contemporary residence decorating fabrics and textiles, interior style trends 2013

Modern day interior design trends 2013, decorating materials

Modern day space colors 2013

Contemporary room colors and color combinations contain light and dark pink, blended with orange colors, which remind interior design and decorating concepts in 50s, emerald green color shades that symbolize the life and develop, satisfied yellow, noble and wealthy blue colors, classic white and black, neutral beige and elegant light gray color tones.

modern living room colors

Creative and playful, toy-like furnishings and decor accessories, colorful interior decorating concepts 2013

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