Friday, December 4, 2015

Perforated window curtains, made for adding a personal touch to contemporary window decor, function tiny holes and reduce-outs in various shaped that are placed in a certain order for producing large images, decoration patterns and tiny symbols that the light draws on a perforated curtain surface.

Perforated window curtains appear unusual, inventive and really interesting with vibrant images on black fabric that turn out to be alive when the light comes via the perforated surface and beautifies area decor with an eye-catching design. They are made of dark or light fabrics. Holes are cut with a laser for accuracy and precision.

Perforated window curtains are a single of modern day trends in decorating. They make eye-catching, unusual and really decorative accessories, adding a graphic style and fashionable appear to room decor and bringing produced with contemporary digital technology decor accessories into modern day house interiors. Dark perforated window curtains make a statement while assisting defend eyes from the sunlight. Sheer fabric curtains with perforated designs look dramatic at night, but permit to appreciate the view from the window.

Perforated window curtains for stylish interior decorating

window curtain with perforated night city pattern

Graphic pattern inspired by night city on perforated window curtain fabric in black colour

handmade lamp shades with perforated flower pattern

Handmade lamp shade with perforated graphic abstract pattern

Perforated fabrics are one of modern trends in decorating and fashion. The fantastic concept of perforated fabrics can be utilized for making beautiful window curtains, decorative pillows, room dividers and lamp shades, adding graphic photos and a romantic really feel of lace-like fabrics to interior decorating.

The thought of perforated fabrics offers excellent inspirations for inventive diy home decorating projects. It is effortless to create a easy abstract pattern, green leaf and floral styles or a symbolic image, silhouette, graphic cityscape at evening, familiar and meaningful symbols, letters, numbers or evening sky constellations with tiny holes or huge reduce outs.

red curtain, room divider with perforated flower pattern

Perforated green leaf and flower styles in room divider made of curtain fabric in red colour

Designers make perforated window curtains from black fabrics for producing drama, but you can use a light sheer curtain fabric also for making stylish and exciting room dividers, lamp shades, decorative window curtains and wall decorations, and personalize interior decorating with hand-reduce out styles in exclusive style.

Inventive contemporary curtain concepts

Rain curtain, residence decor accents

Beaded curtains with crystals

Charming concepts for window decorating, light window curtains

light window curtains with perforated design

Light window curtain with straightforward perforated design and style

handmade curtains with perforated pattern in moroccan style

Star pattern on decorative curtains in Moroccan style

Perforated fabric patterns and interior decorating tips

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