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These edible decorations for Easter are made of dough and provide an unusual and creative way to show off your baking and decorating talents. Dough baskets can be baked in various sizes and style and can be effortlessly turned into spectacular table decorations for the spring holiday.

Basket dough ingredients:

2.five g of fresh yeast or 1 tsp dry yeast
1/two cup warm water
1/two cup milk
1 egg
1/four cup sugar (optional)
1/2 tsp salt
1/four cup olive oil
4 cups white flour (if the dough sticks to your hands, you can use tiny much more flour, but not much more than 1/two cup for generating soft and tender dough for your Easter basket).

dough basket for easter eggs

Homemade edible decorations and inventive Easter concepts, dough basket with Easter eggs

Creating dough for Easter basket

Mix milk and water, take 2 Tbsp of the mixture and add yeast, leave for a handful of minutes to rise.

Add the egg, the remaining water with milk mixture, olive oil, salt, sugar, and mix completely.

Progressively add flour, about a half of a cup, knead until the mixture is soft, and leave for some time to rise and double the volume.

When the dough is prepared, divide it into pieces and make strips for weaving the Easter basket.

Prepare a heat-resistant glass bowl, the diameter for a huge basket is about 22 cm or 8 1/two inch. Turn the bowl upside down, brush it with oil and create the basket employing a basic weaving technique.

making dough for easter basket

Making dough and weaving the basket for Easter eggs

Decide what goes into the basket. Decorated eggs, marshmallow and chocolate treats, jellybeans and other confectionery delights are fantastic for decorating dough baskets for Easter. These sweet concoctions linger in the youngsters mind long after the celebration. A few little toys or stuffed bunnies and chicks, ribbons and lace pieces full these superb edible decorations that will surprise and delight little ones and adults.

baking sough basket

Baking dough basket, creative and uncommon Easter idea

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easter table centerpiece idea

Artistic twist in Easter basket style and decorating, bright Easter table centerpiece produced with edible decorations

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