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Versatile Planter is a great style notion that tends to make decorating with plants and flowers simpler and entertaining. Growing small outdoor or indoor plants require larger planters frequently. Versatile Planter from Liu Ding increases its size, increasing with a plant and providing a bigger planter as frequently as your plant needs.

Versatile Planter is an fascinating item of 2012, convenient and eye-catching. Dimensions are 12” (30 cm) max height x 7” (17.5 cm) length x 4” (ten cm) width.

Almost weightless planter is created of a bag and a metal frame. A plastic skin with heat sealed waterproof coating prevents leakage. Snap-fittings make planter style simple to use.

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Flexible Planter discription from the designer

A tiny deployable structure that can be employed as a vase or a planter, and stands on horizontal surfaces. The flexible planter is dynamic and versatile. It is foldable for easy storage, it can encompass diverse volumes. It is great for men and women who are usually on the move.

Connecting 3 sets of off-center scissor connection surfaces vertically edge to edge. The structure frame is comprised of ABS injection molded plastic framing member. The deployable structure: pull to deploy, press to un-deploy.

planter that increases its sizeInventive planter design that increases its size

An inner PET plastic skin attaches each and every moveable parts of the structure framework as for placing plant. The inner skin: with waterproof coating, heat sealed. The base has a water absorbing layer can be re-utilized by the plant.

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Versatile Planter that grows with a plant is a outstanding eco present idea for Mothers Day or birthday also. Unusual and creative planter will delight and pleasantly surprise. Flexible Planter is found on Liu Ding blog,

planter designDeveloping planter style idea

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