Friday, November 6, 2015

A roof fop garden style that turns a rooftop helicopter landing into a beautiful public outdoor space contributes to making clean environment and increase modern lifestyle. The large businesses want to make their contribution to the protection of the environment and promote their green ideas, creating roof best gardens with breathtaking views for people to enjoy.

A helipad on the roof of Coca-Cola workplace creating in Mexico City was transformed into a roof prime garden, generating lovely outdoor rooms with gorgeous views. Made by architectural firm Rojkind Arquitectos, the rooftop garden style creates an inviting places on the roof of the office creating, offering a nice spot for staff to take a break.

The new roof style with a garden and benches is called Foro Ciel. The roof top garden designed with nearby plants, including cacti and fruit trees. The roof design is eco friendly and constructed with recycled components. Purified rainwater and irrigation method are utilized for watering plants. 

Roof prime garden design and style ideas

rooftop garden design in mexico

Rooftop garden design with wooden benches and spectacular views

The irrigation technique will procedure about five,000 liters of rainwater per year, and developing in the rooftop garden plants will capture up to 81 kg of air pollutants and CO2, contributing to the improvement of air top quality in Mexico city.

Wooden walkways and a couple of benches make the roof top garden design look really inviting and comfortable. This creative  conversion of the roof turning the former helipad into rooftop garden demonstrate good adjustments in architectural designs, influenced by green ideas.

roof top garden with cacti

Roof leading garden in Mexico produced with regional plants and cacti

The architects, inspired by the rooftop garden design, decided to go even further and turned the spaces below the  helicopter landing platform into environmentally friendly workplace spaces.

Rooftop garden styles

Green creating, growing wall and rooftop garden designs for contemporary eco properties

Green roof, sustainable architectural style with rooftop gardens

Rooftop garden and small pond romanticize contemporary house style

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